Our Company


Hydrographics was founded by Jon Sykes, who has over 20 years of experience in the printing and repro industry. This knowledge, a keen interest in painting motorcycles and a love of field target shooting led to the birth of the company.

It all started with Jon's desire to transform his own rifle in to something which would 'stand out'. In acquiring the license to 'dip' Realtree®, this gave Jon the opportunity to do exactly the opposite and not make rifles stand out!

Hydrographics has since evolved into a company that can provide high quality, unique and varied services to anyone wishing to personalise their items, or improve other standard products.


Involvement in a wide range of interests has allowed Hydrographics to respond to a wide variety of tasks, including; design of unique machines parts, custom paint scheme designs and rifle stock design.

Our in house machine shop can manufacture prototype and production items. We also have an onsite colour mixing facility which allows us great flexibility in meeting customers requirements. Our wide knowledge of alternative coatings also allows us to provide customers with many alternatives both in the domestic market and in industry.

The development of our interests has recently led to the successful building, and painting of Alpi Aviation, Pioneer 300, 2 seat light aircraft. The success of our team and our expertise has also provided us with the opportunity to be more involved in the industrial coatings market.