Custom paintwork & Hydrodipping

Hydro dipping / immersion coating

Application of all Realtree® camouflage patterns to rifles, shotguns and sporting goods by the immersion coating process. This allows us to completely cover many complex 3D objects with highly detailed images.

Application of decorative patterns such as carbon fibre, wood grain and marble to numerous objects including motorcycle components, car accessories and ornaments etc.

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Spray Coating

Application of more conventionally applied products to numerous articles, these products include epoxy phenolic coatings, baked at high temperatures, which provide a very hard and durable finish. Other coatings are available such as powder coating, soft touch lacquers and conventional paint finishes.

A full in house ICI colour mixing scheme is also available as well as UV resistant, Metallic, Xirallic and Pearlescent paint.


A full range of airbrushing and custom paint finishes are available, with products from 'House of Kolor' and 'Standox' and 'Lechler' being used. We offer a full design and production service of custom paint and artwork for a range of items, such as light aircraft, motorcycles, scooters, cars and bicycles, as well as rifle stocks. Also available is sign-writing, gold leafing, pin-striping and tinting.


Matte, Satin, Gloss and Soft Touch finishes are available.

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